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From European system for car logistics to loading and securing "on board"

With our extensive network of seaport and inland terminals and our large levels of expertise when you look at the preparation, setup, and procedure of the latest terminal websites (example. the offshore terminal ABC-Halbinsel) and all the other appropriate solutions in this area, we have been your full-service contact for solutions in the area of cargo management logistics.

BLG's terminal network is composed of significantly more than 20 worldwide internet sites – terminals regarding ocean, on streams, and inland. It includes Neustädter Hafen, Europe's biggest terminal for traditional cargo. The terminals provide many industry-specific technical solutions for assorted industries.

Professional managing of heavy cargo is not any issue for us. We can provide expert support for the hefty load transportation – from the company and management of on-carriage to your terminals along with the off-carriage from the terminals, through to assembly and disassembly work before and after transport. We keep your demands around the corner always.

We can care for every one of the important tasks in your community of water shipping administration on demand. We would also be glad to be your partner for consulting and planning of lashing concepts as well as the operational implementation of these concepts.

Our solutions instantly:

  • European network for vehicle logistics (terminals regarding water, on huge streams, and inland)
  • Setup, organization, and procedure of terminals
  • Technical solutions
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Break bulk: worldwide shipping following versatile storage
  • Machinery and gear – tall & Heavy
  • On-carriage and off-carriage
  • Worldwide automobile shipping and transports
  • Loading and securing "on board": stevedoring and lashing

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