Handling Logistics

Logistics business process

Logistics business process
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This program is about controlling and managing in supply stores. Main subject is business administration, with a focus on logistics and managing.

This system combines logistics and administration bookkeeping, which is special. There was a great need for students which knows price creation aided by the end customer in focus through collaboration and integration within the business also along with other organizations. One theme when you look at the system is offer stores, which produces performance with great provider collaboration. Another could be the using administration bookkeeping to produce processes within and between companies. The initial semester includes thus of a specialization in a choice of offer chain administration or controlling. This uses by studies on integration of supply chains and interorganizational control, research methodology and e-business management and system stops with a master thesis. After graduating you’ll f ex work as provide Planner, company Controller, Management Consultant, Business Development Planner, After Sales Logistics Planner or pursue a research career. Language is English and with students from around the world.

Autumn 2017

Fronts in Logistics & provide Chain Management, 120 hp, Växjö, Full-time, Campus Education also readily available as Master’s degree Syllabus Full-time, Campus English Växjö Some courses and programs encourage belated applications. LNU-F7204 Apply

Expertise: Fronts in Management Accounting & Process-based Control

General entry needs for second-cycle researches and particular entry requirements:

• Bachelor Degree in Business management with a minimum of 90 credits running a business Administration, with no less than 30 credits in Accounting, and/or equivalent

• English B/6 or the equivalent

Specialty: Fronts in Logistics & Provide Chain Management

• Bachelor Degree operating Administration with a minimum of 90 credits in operation Administration, with a minimum of 15 credits in logistics/supply sequence management/transportation/operations management, or the equivalent

Alternate selection: The selection of pupils who possess applied is partly considering a declaration of function and cv.

42, 500.00 SEK 170, 000.00 SEK

Class of Company and Economics


Control accountants and logisticians are altering towards promoting offer sequence choices centered on an extrovert, worldwide, unpleasant and company oriented approach. This program makes both for a specialist profession, including an academic study career and PhD scientific studies.


Master of personal Science or Master of Science operating and Economics (two years) with specialization operating Process and Supply Chain Management: Fronts in Management Accounting & Process-based Control, or Master of personal Science or Master of Science running a business and Economics (two years) with specialization in Business Process and Supply Chain control: Fronts in Logistics & provide Chain Management


Växjö is a modern town with more than 80, 000 residents. The town has-been announced “the Greenest City in European countries” due to the give attention to environmentally sound solutions and ecological programs implemented.

Being students in Växjö you’ve got quick access to every thing – the town centre, the woods together with lakes. The pedestrian road from campus around Lake Växjösjön hits all the way to the town center and it is perfect for running or using long walks.

Campus Växjö is modeled along the lines of an United states campus university and it is the normal meeting place for pupils in Växjö. Campus is obviously bustling with life, and students move between lecture areas, the University Library and the restaurants, pubs and outdoor leisure areas.