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Manage your warehouse, with our flexible, trustworthy & proven Warehouse Control Program (WCS) – Shiraz (TM).

Warehouse Control Systems tend to be software applications that direct real time activities within warehouses and distribution facilities. Given that “traffic cop” for warehouse/distribution center, the WCS is responsible for keeping every little thing running smoothly, making the most of the performance of product managing subsystems and frequently, those activities associated with the warehouse associates on their own. It gives a uniform user interface to an easy range of product handling gear particularly ASRS, carousels, conveyor methods, sortation methods, palletizers, etc. The warehouse control system will act as the mind for any automated distribution center, offering interaction amongst the WMS and all of this product handling equipment and operations needed to complete an efficient circulation system.

We have more than 150 active customers at this time utilizing our in-house Warehouse Control System. There are numerous abilities & packages available to you as well as your product dealing with system.

Crucial Features Include:

  • Relieving a person number computer of managing a real time material managing automation program
  • Maximizing system throughput and performance
  • Utilising the best means of pallet, situation and item routing.
  • Packages Include:
  • Zone Directed Pick & Pass
  • Seamless Sortation
  • Wave Creation
  • Returns Processing
  • Wireless Manifesting
  • Energy Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Package
  • Featured Example

    Read how exactly we have aided numerous consumers optimize their particular warehouse businesses, policy for the long run, and overcome product dealing with challenges. We've clients when you look at the wine & spirits distribution, meals & drink, clothing, retail, consumer packaged goods, electronic devices, and pharmaceutical industries.

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