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Your world is measured by accountability, efficiency, and costs. Get fast, accurate, complete results, the first time, every time with our warehouse management software.

Built for flexibility within your IT framework and interoperability throughout your supply chain, irms|WM Warehouse Management tracks people, product, and process from end-to-end. irms|WM drives efficiencies forward, providing organizations with vital visibility to inventory, labor, space, time, and cost.

In adapting to your business and distribution model, the software applies user-configured rules to enforce organizational policies and industry best practices on the warehouse floor. Automated controls, real-time data capture from barcodes or RFID, and detailed transaction auditing increase the quality and visibility of data. This enables improvements in organizational productivity, inventory accuracy, throughput, and customer satisfaction.

Designed by warehouse practitioners, irms|WM supplies your warehouse with the tools it needs to optimize space and reduce inventory while decreasing labor requirements. Maximize the value of your operations with irms|WM.

Public accountability is more important in the present climate that ever before. Achieve real-time visibility, increased inventory accuracy and improved operational efficiencies at the lowest cost.

Upp Technology builds our software by taking our decades of experience using best practices and then streamlining them for the public warehouse. The irms|WM Warehouse Management System provides a single source solution to your product acquisition, warehousing, and distribution needs on both a day-to-day basis and in a large-scale event, such as public health emergency.

No matter the circumstance, our secure, standards-compliant irms|WM tracks people, process, and product from end-to-end. You’ll know right when pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment, PPE, and other mission-critical inventories are received, stored and shipped to state and local facilities, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Role-based access control, supporting SOX as well as HIPPA, provide appropriate data access, from global supply chain views to singular entity stores.

Our software adapts to your distribution model, applying dynamic business rules to enforce organizational policies and industry best practices. Built-in controls, real-time data capture from barcodes or RFID, and detailed transaction auditing increase the quality and visibility of data, while enabling marked improvement in throughput and service.

Achieve higher efficiencies at a lower cost without sacrificing the quality of care.

Whether a pharmaceutical distribution center, hospital, or clinic, irms|WM Warehouse Management provides continuous, real-time visibility throughout the supply chain for streamlined material handling, virtual 100% inventory accuracy, and increased operational efficiencies.

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