Handling Logistics

Inventory location system

Inventory location system
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Spree utilizes a crossbreed strategy for monitoring inventory: On-hand stock is stored as a count on a variant StockItem. This provides great performance for shops with big stocks. Back-ordered, sold, or delivered products are kept as specific InventoryUnit objects so they can have appropriate information attached to all of them.

Imagine if you don’t must track inventory? We have come up with a design that essentially shields users of simple stores from much of this complexity. Merely set Spree::Config[:track_inventory_levels] to false and you never need to concern yourself with it.

New items produced in the system are given a beginning “on hand” inventory level. You can consequently set new inventory levels and proper things may happen, e.g. including new on-hand stock to an out-of-stock product that has many backorders will initially fill the backorders after that update this product aided by the staying inventory matter.

At the time of Spree 2.0, there is a brand new inventory control system positioned that enables for fine-grained control of inventory for services and products and variants.

Inventory Places

Stock Locations will be the places in which your stock is sent from. Each StockLocation has its own stock_items and stock_movements.

Inventory Locations are made within the administrator program (Configuration → Inventory Stores). Keep in mind that a StockItem should be added to the newly developed StockLocation for every variation in your application.

Stock Products

Inventory Items represent the stock at a stock location for a particular variant. Inventory item expect hand may be increased or decreased by creating stock motions.

Note: inventory products are manufactured immediately per stock area you’ve got. You don’t have to manage these manually.

Rely on give isn’t any longer a characteristic on variations. It has been moved to stock products, as those are now actually useful for inventory management.

Inventory Movements

Inventory moves allow you to manage the stock of a stock item for a stock place. Inventory moves are created inside administrator screen by first navigating to your product you wish to manage. Then, stick to the “Stock control” website link inside sidebar.

As shown inside picture above, you can easily increase or decrease the count on hand readily available for a variant at a stock place. To boost the depend on hand, make a stock motion with a confident amount. To decrease the rely on hand, make a stock activity with an adverse volume.

Inventory Transfers

Inventory transfers enable you to go inventory in volume in one stock place to another stock location. Transfers are manufactured inside admin program by very first navigating on Configuration web page. After that, proceed with the “Stock Transfers” link.

As shown into the image above, you can go stock from 1 location to a different place. This is done by selecting a source location, a destination location, and one or more variants. You may be also in a position to set the amount for each variant independently.

If you check “Receive inventory” while generating a unique transfer, your stock transfer is only going to have a location stock area.

Return Authorizations

After an order is shipped, administrators can approve the return of some part (maybe all) of an order via the “Return Authorizations” tab in the single order console. To create a new return authorization, you should indicate which part of the order is being returned, what the reason for the return is, and what the resulting credit should be. The sale price of the product is shown for reference, but you can choose any value you like.

Following the authorization is established, you can easily return later on to its edit web page and click regarding ‘Received’ option to join up the return of goods. This can create a credit adjustment on purchase, which you yourself can apply (for example. reimbursement) into order’s bank card through the payments display screen. Spree will log the events inside order’s history.