Handling Logistics

Logistical Services

Logistical Services
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Ensuring that customers obtain parts punctually in how they request is a primary purpose of Gallagher.

Working 2 facilities with more than 50, 000 square feet of warehouse area offers Gallagher the freedom to provide a wide range of logistics services.

Gallagher operates vendor managed stock programs for the consumers. This permits consumers to attenuate the quantity of inventory they carry on their balance sheet, also guaranteeing an effective number of inventory available at all times. Programs start around neighborhood breads man delivery to just-in-time deliveries triggered by client consumption scans. Gallagher is capable of supporting any program a client can design.

Gallagher aids numerous buyer outgoing examination programs. Parts are sent to customer facilities fully examined and dimensionally validated, so that they can be delivered ‘Dock-to-Stock.’ This gets rid of expensive receiving processes at your center. Outgoing evaluation records tend to be kept at Gallagher for time desired.

Seal Kitting is a core competency of Gallagher Seals. Customer logo imaging and customized packaging options allow Gallagher to aid even the most robust after-market initiatives. More consumers tend to be calling for Gallagher deliver their particular material with custom club signal labels. Gallagher can perform encouraging any bar-code language and format needed.

Category Cost as a % of Inventory $
Total Holding Expenses 26percent
Facility prices (lease, running costs, taxes, insurance coverage, depreciation) 6per cent (3-10percent)
Stock handling expenses (Utilities, gear, decline, operating costs) 3percent (1-3.5per cent)
Work Expenses 3per cent (3-5%)
Financial investment expenses (Interest, taxes, insurance coverage) 11per cent (6-24per cent)
Scrap and Obsolescence 3per cent (2-5%)

Gallagher Operated Consignment – VMI

Gallagher at this time handles many consignment programs. Gallagher consumers are finding this becoming a significant advantage to both their offer chain and their particular bottom line.

VMI Goals

  • Expense decrease through process automation and decreased inventory carrying costs
  • Enhanced presence of offer sequence procedure and inventory usage prices that insures production closely matches need