Handling Logistics

Logistics network configuration

Logistics network configuration
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The location of reverse logistics (RL) has recently obtained significant attention, because a mix of environmental, economic and personal elements. Reverse logistics is the a number of operations that initiate in the customer amount with all the assortment of items and terminate with all the re-processing among these items at remanufacturing services. In today’s work, we propose a mixed-integer linear system (MILP) to deal with the complex network configuration of an RL system, which determines on the optimal selection of sites, the capacities of assessment facilities and remanufacturing facilities. Moreover, we introduce important transportation considerations, by giving a choice of utilizing in-house fleet along with outsourcing option which constitutes one of the main contributions of your work. Additionally, we consider the initial investment, which limits opportunities becoming made on fleet or center development in subsequent cycles. Their model is tested on a real-life circumstances and answers are reported. The existing work holds significant useful ramifications, as it can certainly provide of good use insights to decision producers from both government and exclusive entities regarding essential strategic decisions pertaining to the style of reverse supply stores.


  • Mixed-integer linear programming;
  • Reverse logistics;
  • Facility place;
  • Transport choices