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Logistics Supplies

Logistics Supplies
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Clinical Trials Are Actually More Technical, However Your Journey should not Be

You ought to test your brand new medicine in key markets worldwide, but organizing consistent distribution of the trial-related materials to several areas is complex. PAREXEL offers wise tools for handling these jobs. Our specific medical Trial products & Logistics group uses industry-leading offer sequence cleverness created through mixed expertise of PAREXEL professionals and our eClinical and eLogistics teams. This cleverness can be used for the medical trial process to identify possibilities, resolve issues, and implement activities that optimize offer levels, keep your charges down, and enhance future trials.

To go your trip forward with fewer needs you, PAREXEL delivers integrated, end-to-end clinical logistics administration that gets better compliance and efficiency in every respect of this medical trial procedure. We simply take every step necessary to deliver results which make a positive change to your trip and your main point here.

Our medical Trial materials & Logistics services consist of:

• first class expertise
• QP launch and EU Gateway solutions
• Customs process management around the globe
• quicker set up
• Reduction in expensive medication overproduction and overstock

Making use of built-in tech and Services to streamline the medical test provide Chain

to understand advantages of a built-in clinical test supply string model.

Crucial Offerings

Crucial Materials

Worldwide Get To

PAREXEL® features headquarters near Boston, Massachusetts, and works in 80 places in 51 countries around the world. Within our considerable CRO procedure could be the largest global network of biopharmaceutical service depots and neighborhood logistics professionals with strong…

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Medical Trial Supplies

The worthiness of specific research medicines can reach tens of millions of dollars, rendering it important to prevent overproduction, oversupply, and inventory termination. With the large costs and strict maneuvering requirements for a lot of biopharmaceutical items entering clinical development…

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Ancillary Materials

In addition to Investigational Medicinal Products as well as other study-related drugs, medical trials require a host of various other supplies, including diagnostic, testing and medical equipment, centrifuges, disposable services and products, refrigerators, computer systems…

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Lab Logistics Services

With sample evaluation representing whenever 80 % of most research information, PAREXEL understands the significance of proper and meticulous test managing, evaluation, and data reporting within the medical test process…

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Key Products

BROCHURE Simplifying End-to-End Worldwide Clinical Logistics

Global experience, built-in solutions and a multinational infrastructure for seamless clinical test material administration. As a leader in clinical logistics solutions, PAREXEL oversees every aspect of this clinical trial products associated with a report. Find out more.

Article Global Supply Chains – The Complete Journey

Inside era, most settings of transportation can deliver a continuing size of sensor information to main servers, with very nearly 50per cent of this world’s population using a smartphone. So what could be the biopharma R&D business doing in terms of information capture inside the medical test supply chain?

This informative article is taken from Overseas medical tests November 2016, pages 14-16. © Samedan Ltd


Make medical test materials & Logistics part of your solution

Our dedicated medical test products & Logistics staff uses industry-leading offer string cleverness, developed through mixed expertise of PAREXEL experts and our eClinical and eLogistics groups.