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Open Source Warehouse Management system

Open Source Warehouse Management system
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I’m looking good available supply computer software and hardware stock management computer software. A quick explore sourceforge returned following inventory management system / software administration applications:

=> OCS Inventory NG, Open Computers and Software Inventory After that Generation is a credit card applicatoin designed to assist administrator keep track of the computer systems configuration and setup softwares. Minimal system traffic HTTP communications between representatives and host. I’m currently testing this software and I will upgrade everyone about my outcomes.

=> PcInventory Web-based system to track the Pc and the downloaded peripherals.

=> phpMyInventory is a web-based equipment, computer software, and peripheral stock system utilizing PHP & MySQL. Currently steady on PHP variation 4xx just!

=> Windows stock. Some type of computer Equipment and Software Inventory system. Based around wmi, vbscript, mysql & php. Expandable via segments to incorporate computer software circulation, handy remote control, occasion audience, disk tracking, etc.

These types of computer software are outdated. Basically, I need to hold inventory for after things

  • Start supply inventory asset administration computer software
  • Should in a position to keep track of inventory
  • Auditing function
  • Inventory of equipment owned and leased (including lease expiry)
  • Software inventory for both Microsoft windows and UNIX systems
  • Import / Export function etc

Do you have any suggestions for me? Kindly add them into the commentary.

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