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Oracle inventory

Oracle inventory
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putting in Oracle software through OUI, what kind of information is going to be stored in the stock? What’s the use of inventory? If I install just about any Oracle product on present Oracle inventory, what is the affect that? How does it update stock if I install every brand new product? I have one 11.5.9 Oracle application cloned example from our customer. It generally does not have Oracle stock directory? Given that it’s a cloned instance from a currently cloned instance (origin).

The main issue is while doing cloning (using Rapid Clone methodology) it is finding Oracle inventory directory site, but in our server there is absolutely no inventory directory around. How to conquer this dilemma? How exactly to create inventory directory site (dummy)?

Thanks a lot in advance.

They’re all good questions about the Oracle stock. The inventory is created upon installation and useful for upgrades and patches. There clearly was a central stock per server and an area stock for each ORACLE_HOME. The central stock essentially includes a high-level list of elements put in regarding the server. Its updated everytime components tend to be downloaded or uninstalled nonetheless it does not have detailed information including the spot level of each ORACLE_HOME. The local inventories also contain some element information however they additionally contain patch-level information.

While using fast Clone, the appropriate inventory should be copied therefore it is not yet determined in my opinion the reason why the inventory is lacking. Regrettably, Oracle states there is not a way to rebuild the stock. The only way to replicate the inventory is always to reinstall. If, but you’ve got usage of Metalink (Oracle’s support site), there clearly was an article (Doc ID #295185.1) explaining tips reconstruct the main stock just (the neighborhood stocks must all be intact), although i’ve perhaps not tested this.