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Reverse Logistics Association

Reverse Logistics Association
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Reverse Logistics Association’s (RLA) Board of Advisors (BOA) is composed of up to 15 industry experts with distinct functional expertise. RLA obtains advice and council through the BOA collectively and taps their particular wide history of expertise in Supply Chain Aftermarket. All users are veterans of reverse logistics industry or occasion administration and have now an operating relationship with RLA & Reverse Logistics Trade Shows (RLTS). The BOA tend to be active members in creating the association, promoting alternative party relationships with OEM/ODM, Branded and Retail companies, and all have an expert curiosity about the organization business targets.

The BOA satisfies in an official setting 3 times a year (at At these formal meetings the BOA comes willing to talk about company programs of RLA and RLTS with presentations on the newest marketplace styles that they have noticed in the Reverse Logistics business. Reports from RLA/RLTS staff are manufactured from the development, modifications and difficulties considering that the final conference. Local Advisory Councils (Chapters) and Focus Committee reports tend to be offered announcements on any brand new solutions from RLA. These meetings final roughly 2 hours and are usually held generally before or following the night reception for RLTS speakers and exhibitors.

The members of the BOA have input to steering the activities & assistance services of RLA, so this part is very comparable to Board degree with no fiduciary obligations.

The BOA are from the following disciplines:

  • Research and Asking organizations
  • third party Logistics providers (with fix solutions)
  • third party Service Providers (including EMEA, APAC & the Americas)
  • Contract Manufacturers (with fix solutions)
  • OEM, Branded and Retail businesses (including EMEA, APAC & the Americas)
  • IT Management Software & Help Table Organizations
  • Trade program and Event Management Professionals

Detailed are BOA help functions:

  • Posting the RLA and RLTS backlinks on your company internet site
  • Offer Speakers at RL Conference & Expo’s
  • Host Facility Tours of operations
  • Participation in RL Quote for Outsourcing of Services