Handling Logistics

Stock card templates for inventory stock

Stock card templates for inventory stock
Image by mrcolo from Pixabay

Design the layout of a Stock Card. The inventory Card should leave room to fill in here details:

  • Title regarding the item in stock
  • Date and amount purchased
  • Date of receipt of item
  • Quantity gotten
  • Lot-number
  • Expiry day
  • Date the materials was put in solution
  • Level of products used
  • Balance of things in stock (quantity nonetheless in stock)

The Stock Cards may either be maintained in an electronic database (Excel or a dedicated program) or in a paper database. A template stock card in MS. Word (for a paper system) is offered within the right-hand column. Furthermore imperative to familiarize yourself with the whom Guidance for countries on the specs for managing TB laboratory gear and supplies. This manual provides everything required regarding the buying and Inventory system and gear Management system regarding the TB laboratory. In annex A3 for this manual types of inventory control forms are presented.