Handling Logistics

Warehouse inventory Systems

Warehouse inventory Systems
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We have been dedicated to satisfying buyer objectives and delivering value through reduced total of capital used, reduced complete price of maintenance, repair, and functions (MRO) products, and making use of an offer string that maximizes efficiencies through procedure improvements. We provide a few solutions:

  • Complete number of outsourced inventory management programs
  • Professional warehouse and second-tier management
  • Leveraged purchasing power
  • Efficiency measurement
  • Spend evaluation and management
  • Consolidated requests and stock
  • Safety services

Incorporated Supply

Since the customer’s single point of contact, we automate continual purchases and manage all ordering, getting, distribution, and payment for MRO products. We could assist our customers lower their particular provider base and eradicate the associated expenses, while keeping the technical product support and expertise that your particular provider base provides. Incorporated supply permits reduced total of inner prices, such as for instance stock holding, exchange prices, manpower, procurement, and payables.

Field Audits and Information Valuation

As a service to our consumers, DNOW conducts area audits on stocks as a method of determining products available for redeployment or disposal. The review teams fill spaces within our clients’ employee base necessary to determine, count, classify, and value materials. We provide the resources to place data in a format acceptable for entry into surplus stock systems.

Warehouse Control Solutions

Effortlessly handling warehouses and stocks is one of our core competencies. We provide the expertise and also the technical methods to help within the management of any warehousing needs.

Venture Control

DistributionNOW’s project management staff assists our clients concentrate on their particular core competencies, while we provide their particular Engineering, Operations, and Construction divisions with AFE preparation and costing, sourcing, procurement services, expediting, staging, shipping, and getting. We have a history of assisting our consumers reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Safety Solutions

As well as the breadth of security products we supply, we provide a range of website solutions:

  • Education (product and regulating)
  • Respirator healthy examination, cleaning, and repair (positive and negative force)
  • Portable gasoline detection maintenance and restoration
  • Fire extinguisher upkeep, inspection, and fix
  • Installation and solution of fixed gas detection
  • Local rental solutions
  • Safety trailers for turnarounds and money projects