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Warehouse Purpose

Warehouse Purpose
Image by marcinjozwiak from Pixabay

At the end of last year we received a donation purchasing some land strategically located in Munigi, that is in the borders of Goma en route to Rumangabo therefore the Gorilla Sector, and a stone’s throw through the airport.

This thirty days we began creating a Briquette Warehouse about this land. The warehouse will undoubtedly be home to all of our marketing and advertising activities, besides assisting the storage of sacks therefore the drying out and quality-control of gasoline briquettes before each goes out onto the open-market.

In short, this will be a huge step up our quote to eradicate charcoal.

The block of land in which our warehouse will be built.

Its situated on one of several lava moves erupted from Nyragongo in 2002.

The wall construction began last week.

The wall surface enclosure yesterday, going up fast!

The efforts of your group –, , etc – are now actually focused on the purchase for this biomass power source, while enhancing the top-notch products used for the briquettes mixture. We’re carrying out calorific and burning up tests to discover which are a materials to work with. Bear in mind, to produce one kilo of charcoal, our biggest rival, you want 6 kilos of wood. Which most concentrated power!

aided by the striped clothing and Patient from Mercy Corps undertaking examinations with all the gasoline briquettes.