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What is the definition of warehouse?

What is the definition of warehouse
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She seemed up on lowering sky, down in the crimson bow currently flecked with black, forward along the dirty road, then one long, lingering appearance behind, at a particular grimy warehouse, withIn due time Tom and his party discovered on their own safely housed inside little hotel at Puerto Cortes, their belongings kept in a convenient warehouse and by themselves, rather weary by explanation of this tension of climate, ready the begin into the interior wilds of Honduras.His master had purchased him at a slave warehouse, for their handsome face, becoming a match on handsome pony; and then he had been today getting their breaking in, at the hands of their youthful master.I took advice, however the best brick-a-brackers had been split as to the wisest program to pursue; some stated bring the collection and warehouse it; other individuals said make an effort to have it into the grand-ducal Museum at Mannheim for safe keeping.Willoughby’s portrait had been attracted, as well as just what warehouse Miss gray’s clothing might-be seen.Glad had been I to get him out of the silk warehouse, and then out of a jewellers shop: the greater he bought me personally, the greater amount of my cheek burned with a sense of annoyance and degradation.There it stood, many years a short while later, over the warehouse home: Scrooge and Marley.Murdstone and Grinby’s warehouse is at the waterside.I could extend my profession as a fisherman, could easily get someplace as clerk in a warehouse, and become with time a dealership myself.right here have actually I quitted my regular traffic, making my warehouse in proper care of my clerks, and placing my credit to great danger, and, in addition, have placed myself in danger of demise or captivity because of the accursed heathen savages-and all this work without bold to inquire of the prayers of this congregation, as the search for the fantastic Carbuncle is viewed as little much better than a traffic using the Evil One.At length the pleased minute arrived once we were to quit the warehouse of the manufacturer.They lie concealed in intricate development of homes with some stalks of mastheads here and there overtopping the roofing of some four-story warehouse.