Inventory Control

Inventory Control Log

Inventory Control Log
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A number of our consumers are Logging, Saw mill, and Lumber businesses whom we help get a handle on their stocks with this customized Tags and Labels. These include Barcode Tags or Labels and Numbered Tags or Labels. Many companies reveal they will have gained in performance and profits making use of these techniques

We also wished to see why others on the market want to do their particular stock control and monitoring by hand.

Our Survey Sought to Find Out The Reason Why Some Companies Were Still Doing Inventory Control By Hand

We Surveyed more or less 3 dozen wood, sawmill and lumber businesses. We in addition talked with businesses who have been nevertheless keeping track of logs and lumber stock by hand. We requested all of them the reason why these were carrying it out by hand.

Some Log, Sawmill and Lumber organizations Didn’t understand of an easier way To Control stock

Oftentimes, organizations informed united states they didn’t know there was clearly a more efficient way or which they believed these people were too small to gain from a listing Control program.

Here as well as on next page tend to be comments from the organizations.

Part 2. Businesses Using A Manual Stock Control Program Like Those Who Have Maybe Not Used Tags
Just what firms stated United States concerning the Effectiveness of employing Only a Manual stock Control Process

Our study unearthed that the firms that were maybe not taking advantage of the possibility cost benefits of a listing Control program fell into two Main Groups.

1. Those who were unaware of some other Method than whatever they was in fact utilizing all along.

2. Those who believed that these were too little, or if perhaps they were adequate they certainly were maybe not however conscious of the huge benefits.

Under is a synopsis and Comments from 4 Companies making use of a guide Inventory

Following That On the Next Page Is a synopsis and Comments from 8 Other
Businesses Who’ven’t Already Been Using Tags

A listing of Companies Using A Handbook Inventory Control Process
Note: A Number Of The organizations below additionally come in another group of this Survey – Huge Organizations.
The firms within part include one that’s doing 650, 000 Board Feet monthly with 2 areas. They offered us an extremely obvious and step-by-step explanation of this shortcomings of these current handbook Inventory Control system.
Wide range of Locations and Board Feet
The companies we interviewed who are performing things Manually all had between one and 2 locations. For people answering issue about Board ft, there is a broad size range – with one buying their lumber (devoid of a Sawmill) – and another processing whenever 8, 000 to10, 000 Board ft on a daily basis, with 7 staff members.
Another organization, with 2 locations, is processing 650, 000 Board Feet monthly.
Inventory Control System
One business mentioned which they developed their own label, where they write the species, level and vendor. Their Tag is not a Barcode Tag Another organization also makes and prints unique Tags. The owner of a third company said he comprises little cards and puts all of them on their lumber. Then he marks the grade of the lumber on card.
Concerns in Choosing Tags or a method
The feedback with this question had been limited because these firms showed up to not have considered in advance their priorities so you can get Tags or a listing Control system. One business responded that their particular method has to be easy – they didn’t want to have some information tracked. They added they do a quarterly total of these inventory.

Exactly what these firms Said are Shortcomings and would like to Add to Their handbook Method
Although many of these 4 companies said there were not any shortcomings, the company processing 650, 000 Board Feet monthly was extremely plainly alert to issues in their Manual system to regulate Inventory, together with a great deal to say to us about any of it question. He offered an in depth description (below) of why:

Real human mistake – He stated when the standard of timber had been substituted for another level, together with modification had not been recorded, this could create a challenge. He thought that this human being mistake ended up being the greatest downside for their system.
The Commentary From 4 Organizations On The Manual Method Of Inventory Control

1. A Company with 2 Locations
One company handling 650, 000 Board Feet each month stated they normally use their very own label to keep an eye on inventory. They write the grade, species and vendor information on the Tag, which is not Bar Coded.
They stated their goal should keep consitently the strategy easy. They keep carefully the information to the very least and do a quarterly total of their stock.

Shortcomings This Provider Said within their Strategy
Human mistake – they said that if the standard of lumber was substituted for the next grade and the correction wasn’t recorded, this could produce a problem. They said this “human error will be the biggest disadvantage to their system.”

2. An organization with 1 Place
Who owns the corporation said he comprises little cards and puts them in the lumber. He marks simply the grade of lumber. Their objective would be to enable his consumers to see what they desire. He had beenn’t alert to any shortcomings to their method.

3. A Lumber Business Without a Sawmill
The corporation has actually 1 area and buys all their lumber. They make and print their own Tags and just weren’t aware of any difficulties with this process.

4. A Log and Lumber Company With 1 Area
This company features 1 location and does 8, 000 to 10, 000 Board ft a day