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Oracle Inventory Control

Oracle Inventory Control
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Breakdown of Lot Control

Loads can represent a quantity of an item that shares similar requirements, a number of receipts from the same vendor, or anything you choose. You are able to divide each good deal into son or daughter lots that may mirror whatever faculties you select for things inside the good deal. Like, you may divide a lot of items from a vendor into child lots to reflect variations in high quality specifications. Whenever you allocate stock for production, it is possible to allocate particular lots to a production group in line with the strength, age, or other item faculties. Oracle stock provides complete good deal quantity assistance for inventory deals. You are able to enable great deal control for certain items in your inventory. For things under great deal control, you assign lot numbers every single receipt, and thereafter reference similar lots each time you perform material deals. This enables one to have tight control of great deal controlled things within inventory.

Son Or Daughter Great Deal

A child good deal is a subdivision of plenty that you can use in the event that you produce loads during a period of time, yet still like to group the material as one great deal. Using a young child great deal keeps the stability associated with the good deal, but lets you eat it in workable pieces. Whenever you function deals for material under child lot control, you go into the son or daughter lot because the good deal number. The machine in addition maintains a genealogy commitment involving the moms and dad good deal therefore the kid lot. See Inventory Attribute Group for information about allowing youngster lot control.

Assigning Lot Figures

You have to designate lot figures whenever you obtain items under good deal control. You can even add volumes to present good deal figures and split an inventory receipt into a few lots, if required. Oracle stock utilizes the standard great deal quantity generation technique which you joined inside company Parameters screen to ascertain good deal numbers. In addition, you enter the great deal prefix and beginning lot number when you look at the Item Master window once you produce something. If product is under user-defined expiration time good deal Expiration (shelf life) Control, you need to specify the conclusion day for the great deal.

You can generate plenty number if your wanting to receive it in to the warehouse. Where you produce the great deal, the machine determines the great deal origination kind. In the event that you create the great deal regarding the lot master, the origination type is lot master. In the event that you produce the good deal while doing a transaction, the origination type is stock. See, Item plenty and Assigning plenty Within Transactions for more information.

Maintaining Lot Number Information

You can make use of that Lots window to update the expiration day of lots for things under great deal expiration (shelf–life) control. You can view all lots that you developed within current company while the provider good deal information which linked to the lots.

Issuing Material from Stock

Whenever you issue an item under lot control from inventory, you have to specify a whole lot number for the product. You are able to specify multiple great deal to cover the transaction volume. If you make an effort to transact a product to or from an expired lot, the device displays a warning message but cannot prevent you from with the great deal.

Expired Lots

You are able to assign good deal control rack life times, or enter lots termination time to determine whenever a lot expires. The termination date manages the accessibility to the great deal for transacting and preparation functions. An expired good deal:

  • Is not considered as on-hand supply when you’re carrying out min-max, reorder point, or MRP planning computations
  • Is not reserved for a date beyond the termination time
  • Is transacted and it is contained in on-hand quantities
  • Is included in every questions and reports, including inventory valuation reports
  • Is roofed in a cycle matter and matter entry and alterations tend to be permitted
  • Is roofed in a real stock and tag entry and modifications are permitted

Lot Expiration Action

Plenty expiration activity may be the action which you perform on loads when it expires. It is possible to designate a default great deal expiration to a product regarding Item Master or once you produce a lot. To connect lots conclusion activity with a whole lot, you have to establish shelf life times when it comes to product.

Handicapped Lots

Disabling a lot just stops it from showing up in a summary of values whenever you are carrying out receipt transactions. If you enter the lot number, it is legitimate and acknowledged although it wasn’t when you look at the selection of values. Disabling is used only for tailoring this specific example of list of values for good deal numbers. A disabled good deal:

  • Is included in open to transact, available to pledge, and available to reserve calculations
  • Is included as on-hand supply when you are doing min-max, reorder point or MRP planning calculations
  • Is roofed as on-hand in every questions and reports, including inventory valuation report
  • Can be transacted with stock features therefore the Transaction Open software
  • Is set aside

Cycle Counting

Oracle Inventory includes the good deal variety of the items to count during a cycle matter with regards to produces a period count listing. You need to designate good deal numbers to all things under lot control that you can enter matters. If a difference is out there amongst the count amount and also the system on-hand amount, then your system adjusts them volume because great deal.

Performing Actual Stocks

Oracle Inventory includes the great deal amounts of the things to count in your real inventory when it yields tags. You need to designate great deal numbers to all or any things under good deal control that you enter counts when you look at the bodily stock Tag Counts window. If an improvement exists amongst the matter amount while the system available amount, then your system adjusts the item volume in that good deal.

Assigning Good Deal Figures to Assemblies

Once you complete a system under good deal control into stock, you must assign loads quantity in the WIP conclusion Transaction screen in Oracle Work in Process. For set up completions on discrete jobs, Oracle operate in Process defaults the job great deal quantity.

Purging Lot Transactions

It is possible to purge all great deal exchange information from your own existing organization. Note that the transactions needs to be in closed accounting periods.

Important: Purging good deal deals eliminates information that is used in-lot genealogy reports and inquiries (Supplier great deal Trace Report, Job good deal Composition Report, and Job great deal Composition Inquiry).

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