Inventory Control

Warehouse Management and Inventory Control PDF

Warehouse Management and Inventory Control PDF
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Save Time and Money with HAL Warehouse Control Computer Software

HAL Traxx Inventory is a warehouse management option for warehousing and production conditions. Like all HAL techniques solutions, HAL Traxx Inventory is real-time, browser-based and configurable (see information under goods). These features combine making it a higher price, lower cost solution.

HAL Traxx stock offers all the standard warehousing functionality:

  • Receive
  • Label
  • Store
  • Move
  • Quality-control
  • Production
  • Choose
  • Bundle
  • Ship

Also, HAL Traxx stock provides numerous enhanced functions, such:

  • Dynamic Bin allocation
  • Monitoring of dates and lot/batch control
  • Quarantine features
  • Directed selections
  • Image-enabled
  • EDI transactions

HAL Traxx stock can be interfaced with ERP/Accounting systems, shipping systems, ecommerce sites, and other warehouse programs.

HAL Traxx stock are voice-enabled to supply more efficient choosing.

HAL Traxx mobile phone may be used to expand HAL Traxx Inventory to mobile applications. See HAL Traxx Mobile.pdf.

HAL Traxx stock may be scaled to meet up your needs. HAL Traxx Inventory – Basic provides a fruitful starting point for entry – amount applications and it is value-priced. It could be upgraded anytime with additional features as required, all the way towards fully-functional HALTraxx stock option.

Benefits to making use of HAL Traxx Inventory :

  • Correct stock: increase stock accuracy to 99.99per cent or much better. Eliminate some time errors of handbook handwritten entries and information entry.
  • Improve customer care: Large reductions in partial and incorrect deliveries happen because a HAL Traxx Inventory verifies your correct product and amount have now been selected.
  • Increase Productivity: HAL Traxx stock enables you to choose numerous purchases at the same time with one picker, or multiple pickers can choose one large order.
  • Eliminates external and internal Shrinkage: The HAL Traxx Inventory time and date stamps every deal and that means you have actually an audit path of whom, when and where for every item move.
  • Quicker real Inventory: Our Clients report that typical real stock time is reduced 70%-75per cent and reliability normally significantly enhanced. In many cases the necessity for real inventories are eradicated completely.
  • Employee efficiency improves: Typically you will notice staff member efficiency enhance by 33per cent or higher.

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