Retrieval System

Automated Storage/ Retrieval systems

Automated Storage Retrieval systems
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Automatic storage space and retrieval machines by SSI SCHAEFER tend to be an important part of a cost-effective logistics sequence. In which optimized warehousing with quick transport of product and brief accessibility times is needed, we provide innovative storage space and retrieval devices which are predicated on consumer requirements and as a consequence, improve the financial part of warehousing.

Through minimal energy consumption the surroundings is shielded additionally the cost of upkeep paid down. Because we produce our personal products, we constantly deliver quality, trustworthy products to our customers.

Storing and Retrieval Machines for Pallets

In which optimized pallet storage with fast product transport and brief accessibility time is needed, automatic storage space and retrieval machines will be the solution. They handle storage and retrieval operations in high bay warehouses and move services and products to transfer channels.

High Bay Warehouse

Optimum Space Utilization and Affordable Solutions


Storage Device with Built-in Shuttle for Channel Storage space


New SRM-Generation for More Storage Capacity, Flexibility and Effectiveness

SCHAEFER Lightweight Crane

Powerful, small, affordable storage and retrieval device

SSI SCHAEFER provides a broad spectrum of standard products which can be adjusted as single or two fold mast devices predicated on capacities, vacation and lifting rates, installation level and load according to requirements and programs to generally meet the exact needs associated with consumer. Lightweight set up groups and pre-tested storage space and retrieval machines guarantee short installation times. Proven, top-quality machine parts bring about comfortable upkeep schedules. Intelligent control routines furthermore provide low-wear and energy-efficient warehouse procedure. Further, designs with devoted load dealing with devices, several load pickup, gear for usage in a deep-freeze environment, turning products with aisle-change-bridges, flexible drive concepts as well as redundant configuration with a few storage space and retrieval machines per aisle are available.

The scalable, multi-level shuttle increases effectiveness in the storage and selecting of trays, totes, or cartons in automated warehouses. The shuttle, which are often scaled exactly towards customer’s demands, and also the general system, represents an innovative step in design and technology.

In a single load period, the Navette moves an overall total of four transport products simultaneously, offering storage space areas on two storage space amounts in a single operating series. Unlike single-level shuttles, the Navette can run in genuine two fold rounds. This minimizes travfel times and doubles procedure efficiency.

3D-MATRIX Solution® – definitely Dynamic Sequencing without Bottlenecks

The Newest Approach for the 3D-MATRIX Solution®

Using the 3D-MATRIX Solution® SSI SCHAEFER provides an extremely dynamic system answer getting rid of warehouse bottlenecks. The X-, Y- and Z-direction movements associated with the transportation news within the warehouse tend to be divided from 1 another and done at the same time. The system idea for totes, level trays, or pallets works together various shuttle methods. The requested load units tend to be moved to carry transfer stations and buffered here.

Due to the revolutionary design of the 3D-MATRIX Solution®, the warehouse system currently does all of the sequencing. What this means is storage, buffering, and sequencing are carried out in a unitary system. The numberof retrieval and storage space lines into the Z-direction installable consecutively on the X-axis is arbitrary, along with the number of lifts and work channels utilized.