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Aggravated by high shipping expenses and incorrect sales? You've got better things you can do than worry over delivery and logistics. Place it in the possession of of IntegraCore, and remainder effortless – our cargo services provide you with great rates while using the worry of shipping details off your complete plate.

What’s A Part Of Our Shipping and Logistics Services?

Whenever you select freight solutions of IntegraCore, you get a whole lot – Not only will you save money and energy, you’ll additionally get perhaps one of the most valuable possessions open to a little or medium business owner – time. We’ll do all the preparation work for you and facilitate having your plans distributed off to the right individuals on time. Our freight services consist of:

  • Competitive cargo rates for UPS, FedEx and USPS.
  • Preparing the parcel for delivery (example. taping the container, using delivery label, getting tracking details).
  • Facilitating running the cargo regarding the freight supplier trucks.
  • Associating parcel information (e.g. monitoring number toward purchase) and delivering ship confirmations.
  • Actual cargo expense charged to united states by the freight providers – UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
  • Processing of claims with the freight carrier for missing or damaged shipments.

What We require from You - the objectives

a delivery technique should be specified for every single purchase. Or even, we shall use the most economical method, USPS (for requests lower than 1 pound.) and UPS Ground (for requests > 1 pound.).


  • Vibrant shipping or rate shopping.
  • Any additional insurance the parcel apart from the typical insurance included by freight providers (typically $50 to $100).

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