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Departments have to finish a yearly real inventory (by the department’s assigned inventory trend due date - see routine below) of these gear and computer products and get back those stocks into office of stock Control. Besides, throughout the year this is the obligation of divisions to create any essential adjustments with their stock, which could feature disposing of old, obsolete gear through Surplus Property. Divisions may responsible for maintaining accurate documents on all non-inventoried residential property, i.e. all residential property not overseen because of the office of stock Control.

Brand new Mexico State Law Section 12-6-10 NMSA, as amended by section 303, Laws of 1983 and House Bill 1074, needs The University of New Mexico to perform a real inventory of all of the property valued over $5, 000 annually. The government requires inventory of all of the home no matter cost. The annual real inventory also provides departments with a detailed inventory of property assigned into department.

Annually, the office of Inventory Control distributes to divisions, per the stock annual wave routine, all of the the department's equipment along with Instructions and an official certification Statement. Divisions are directed towards the Inventory Control Department's web site for extra kinds which may be needed:

  • Asset Adjustment Form
  • Employee Gear Checkout Form
  • Stock Contact Page
  • Request Deletion of Assets Form
  • Transfer of Equipment to a different Entity Form and Memo

Extra instruction materials may posted on the internet site.

Stock connections have the effect of doing a real stock and returning all forms on office of Stock Control by the specified inventory wave deadline. The division should keep copies of stock papers.

Government-owned residential property may be inventoried, at a minimum, annually. This is carried out no later compared to the wave deadline assigned to every division for yearly actual stock. The PI together with stock Contact will undoubtedly be in charge of validating the stock of federal government property.


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