How Inventory Management Helps

Third party inventory Management

Petersen Inc. includes stock administration included in our complete 3rd party logistics (3PL) solutions. Inventory handling is and ideal solution for customers who prefer to have their particular product stored, packed and shipped from our warehouse. Petersen Inc. can perform managing, monitoring and stating on all stocks which are stored and delivered from inside our Ogden warehouse.

A number of our consumers benefit from Petersen Inc.’s inventory administration and distribution procedures. Petersen Inc. keeps the management of your stock simple and easy manageable for all of our consumers just who store their stock within our warehouses. Every one of the incoming and outbound products within storage space warehouses are properly recorded and effortlessly monitored with this advanced Warehouse control System.

Inventory Management Recognitions:

  • Stock accuracy of 99.98per cent average of 10-years
  • Boeing Gold Supplier
  • Boeing Subcontractor of the season
  • SBA Area VIII Subcontractor of the season

Petersen Inc. supplies the best full inventory control and administration solutions while still-continuing to make use of high quality guarantee procedures for the stock procedure to ensure that you have the best warehousing procedures.

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