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Inventory Management Forms

Inventory Management Forms
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Just how can we report taken gear? Is there insurance to replace the taken products?

In the event that theft occurs on university or in the town of Cheney, notify the Cheney Police Dispatch immediately at 509-535-9233. In the event that theft occurs off campus, inform the local authorities, either town or county police. In the event that theft features happened off campus, also inform the University Police for them to acquire a duplicate for the police report from the proper agency. After that notify the Inventory Control Office by email or send a memo to 319 Showalter. List the EWU quantity and description for the stolen equipment. Just offer just as much detail as you possibly can in connection with theft, particularly location, approximate time, a contact title and other important information.

The university is self-insured. This means the departments must pay for the replacement of any lacking or taken gear from their budgets.

What do we do about gear which going down university or even another person’s home?

Initially, make sure the gear is tagged by the stock Control workplace. After that complete home reduction Authorization type, including the appropriate signatures. Hold a copy of the type for your department data, the first form has to be sent to Inventory Control to ensure we are able to upgrade our records.

Exactly what do we do about gear that is came back under warranty?

Inform the Inventory Control company ahead of the equipment is returned. It is possible to send an e-mail message to or call 509-359-2049. We will require the EWU wide range of that becoming returned therefore it can be removed from your stock. After that notify us again when the replacement has been gotten and we will make arrangements to tag the new product.

Just how do we eradicate equipment that people no further want?

Call Surplus Property at 509.359.7915. They’ll assist you to complete the stock transfer type. Make sure to retain copies of finished and finalized types for your data.

Just how do we move equipment to some other department?

Complete An Equipment Stock Change Request type. Additionally it is available from Central Stores as a three-part NCR type. Complete the form entirely, including Section A which needs to be finalized because of the receiving division. The department that is offering the gear must sign the proper execution at really base. After both signatures are acquired, send the completed form into the stock Control office, 319 Showalter. Once the Fixed Asset system was updated, a signed content of this kind should be gone back to each department.

Can we trade in old equipment?

Yes. All trade-ins needs to be approved because of the Purchasing company. On your own Purchase Requisition be sure to list the EWU number of the apparatus you are trading in, so that it are taken off your stock roster.

Just how can we get old, outdated gear taken from our inventory listing?

The only method to remove old, outdated equipment from your stock is to literally send them to Surplus Property. The existing value or chronilogical age of an item features nothing to do with if it remains in the active stock. In the event that product is currently being used this has a value and needs to be inventoried. If the equipment had been purchased for more than $300 and it is considered to be ‘Small & Attractive’ in accordance with state instructions, or if it cost more than $5, 000, it stays regarding the energetic inventory provided that its being used.

Just how do we get unlocatable gear taken from our stock listing?

Unlocated items aren’t taken off the active stock simply because these are typically unlocated. Departments are asked for detail by detail explanations about what tips were taken to find the item and whatever they believe might have occurred towards item. After an appropriate amount of time is given for something to possibly be situated in another division, consideration may be given to eliminating that from division’s inventory.