Types of logistics

Types of Logistics Management

Procurement logistics– the process of supplying the enterprise with material resources, the allocation of resources inside warehouses of enterprise, storage and delivery into production. Международные-грузоперевозки-290x217 Industrial Logistics – products control, while driving through its manufacturing units, going from primary way to obtain raw materials to finished products.
Circulation logistics – a complex of interrelated functions included in the circulation of product circulation between the different wholesale purchases, ie in the wholesale trade.
Transportation logistics – management of cargo transportation.Information logistics – the part of logistics, which is the website link between supply, production and advertising of services and products and organizes the info flow, which accompany the material movement in the process of becoming relocated.


Manufacturing preparing allows to lessen time, improve customer service, increase equipment utilization, keep costs down and effectively utilize
techniques to enhance the financial transport when it comes to logical company of transportation and through the concerted action of logistic procedures within the management, control the transportation, storage, also tangible and intangible transactions occurring undergoing taking recycleables into manufacturing plant and done items in accordance with consumer interests and demands.

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