Logistics Management

Logistics and Transportation Management

Logistics and Transportation Management
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LeanTMS is a single-instance, multi-tenant answer, consequently there was one-piece of technology independently accessible to all clients. The benefits of a true SaaS model include constant improvements through pc software upgrades, lower start-up expenses, and quicker execution. Plus, the LeanLogistics Transportation system is a by-product associated with true SaaS environment. Its full of 16 years of data that can provide actionable cleverness — a process which will make better company decision to give businesses a competitive side.

The program is extremely configurable to every company’s individual transport requirements. LeanTMS offers a conclusion to finish holistic way of transportation administration in one workflow. And also this enables greater presence across a complete transportation system. Typically, organizations conserve between 5 and ten percent of these freight invest in the 1st 12 months. Understand how LeanTMS spared Ace Hardware above $18 million in transportation prices since implementation.

With LeanTMS, organizations can:

  • Exposure across the whole transportation system
  • Return on the investment within 6-9 months
  • Real time data through a single SaaS option
  • Constant improvements and cost cost savings
  • Handle every aspect for the transport procedure
  • Centralize control to handle transportation