Android Warehouse Management System

Supports multiple devices Future proofs hardware Lowers Operational Costs

Easy to use, cost-effective, light, and durable, irms|Mobility brings together the power of award-winning warehouse management software with the usability of smartphones and tablets. The mobile devices you use every day are now part of a powerful platform that can augment, and perhaps even replace, expensive hardware designed only for warehouse management.

warehouse management system that works on smartphones and tablets

Manage your supply chain directly from your iPad, iPhone, Android, or other mobile device. With irms|Mobility, you are no longer tethered to a computer or dependent on printed reports. You can view and manage your supply chain directly from your mobile device, harnessing the power of real-time data when discussing productivity with your staff, discussing shipments with partners, or reviewing inventory levels with clients.

Empower a Mobile Workforce

Your employees are already smartphone experts. Experience drastically reduced training times and increased accuracy as your employees leverage smartphones and tablets to pick at greater speeds and do more for less.

Run Offline and Synchronize with Back-end Data

Business doesn’t stop because the server isn’t responding. Your people need to be productive, not waiting for a connection. With transactional integrity you don’t miss a beat with or without connectivity, in the field, basement, operating room, and far off lands where mobile work happens.

Run on Old and New Devices

Technology changes and devices will come and go. You need an application framework that can run old apps on new devices or new apps on old devices natively. There is only one framework that will give you that flexibility: irms|360.

Warehouse Management on Android Devices

Currently the king of smartphone market share, Android devices are appearing everywhere. Support both Android phones and tablets without worrying about fragmentation.

Warehouse Management on Apple Devices

From the iPod touch to the iPhone, iPad and even the Macbook and iMac, Apple has a strong line of hardware devices. With irms|Mobility, you can support them all.

Warehouse Management on Windows Devices

The standard for enterprise productivity, irms|Mobility supports legacy apps on Windows CE and Mobile, Classic apps on Windows XP/Vista/7, and modern apps on Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Embedded 8, Windows Embedded 8 Handheld, & Windows Phone 8.

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