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Storage and Warehousing

Storage and Warehousing
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The warehousing and storage space subsector comprises of an individual business team, Warehousing and Storage: NAICS 4931.

Workforce Statistics

This section provides information regarding work in warehousing and storage space. These information tend to be obtained from workplace or establishment surveys. Here tables present an overview of this industry like the wide range of jobs, data for occupations common on business, and projections of occupational employment change.

Employment by career

108, 760 206, 990 42, 720 60, 670 9, 560

Data show Job,

Earnings and Hours

This part presents information on employee profits and regular hours. Modern business averages of per hour profits and once a week hours tend to be shown. Additionally, present per hour and yearly profits tend to be shown for professions frequently within warehousing and storage space.

Earnings by Occupation

15.48 16.01 32, 200 33, 290 13.84 14.59 28, 780 30, 350 15.02 15.90 31, 250 33, 070 14.52 15.82 30, 200 32, 900 39.81 42.45 82, 790 88, 290

Information series Earnings, 2015
Hourly Annual
Median Mean

Work-related Deaths, Injuries, and Conditions

This section provides information when it comes to industry on the amount of office deaths plus the rates of office injuries and conditions per 100 full time employees in warehousing and storage space. An injury or disease is recognized as to-be work-related if a meeting or visibility within the workplace either triggered or added into the resulting condition or somewhat aggravated a pre-existing condition.

12 17 16 11

Blank cells suggest no information reported or information which do not satisfy publication requirements.

2012 2013 2014 2015


This part provides industry-specific rates information. The producer price index steps the percentage improvement in rates that domestic producers get for goods and services. The values included in the producer price list come from 1st commercial exchange.

102.5 102.5 102.3 102.3 -0.6per cent 0.0percent -0.2percent 0.0%

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Percent vary from past month