Handling Logistics

Activities of Logistics

Activities of Logistics
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CMA CGM LOG is a CMA CGM subsidiary that gives logistics services for intercontinental transport. The subsidiary produces custom solutions which guarantee overall control and effectiveness of logistics flows. The largest names in the market place their particular trust in CMA CGM LOG for managing their particular logistics sequence.

With its international system, substantial expertise and great flexibility, CMA CGM LOG satisfies its clients’ needs by offering solutions geared toward the optimization of expenses and logistics movement.

As a solutions integrator, CMA CGM LOG provides solutions because of the CMA CGM Group as well as other logistics service providers.

Shipping solutions

CMA CGM LOG favours choices from CMA CGM, the whole world’s third largest container shipping company having its several years of experience plus the following advantages:

  • a robust and modern-day fleet with 449 vessels, to meet up all requirements;
  • high performance transportation with a capacity of 15.6 million TEUs;
  • a worldwide network: over ports of get in touch with 160 nations, over 600 agencies plus than 29, 000 workers.

CMA CGM LOG provides the services of other shipping businesses to be able to fulfill the consumers’ requirements.

Multimodal solutions

CMA CGM LOG provides multimodal transportation solutions such as for example railway, barge, lorry, and airplane, and its particular privileged interactions along with its partners allow the organization to supply best solutions to customers.

It allows CMA CGM LOG to manage varied logistics moves and stay the customer’s only contact.

Non-standard merchandise

CMA CGM LOG additionally manages various types of merchandises, eg dangerous, regulated, and oversized items, or that requiring specific secure transfer (reefer).

The process of transporting such merchandise is closely examined and handled correctly.

Prolonged logistics protection

CMA CGM LOG in addition provides the reception and storage space of products, the instructions preparation, protects traditions and vessels products to production websites (or hubs).

Know-how and tools to control a complex logistics chain

In professional jobs, from components management to regulated product, CMA CGM LOG provides its expertise in regards to the design, functional management, and continuous enhancement of solutions overall.