Handling Logistics

WMS modules

WMS modules
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The Packing module takes your shipping requirements to the next level. This module verifies items that are chosen for an order and monitors the shipping carton that all item is positioned. Distribution companies that select in totes and place item in shipping cartons or bins will find this component becoming invaluable to their functions. The component also includes a unique package building matrix that will help the packer find the proper sized box or boxes for shipping.

High Quality Assurance

The product quality Assurance module is made to gather data, set acceptance standards for item receipt, and monitor merchant performance. The module is normally utilized as an intermediary procedure between obtaining and item put-away.


The Savant RMA component permits the warehouse to receive and track returned items. Products could be dispositioned by the warehouse operator to enable them to be examined and then both moved back in good stock, or modified out if damaged. Returned product could be put on hold, and/or obtained into specific container locations isolate from other receipts. Workflows are intended to get a grip on the types of information that’s captured on a return, similar to the receiving workflow for purchase purchases.

Shipping Manifest

The Savant Shipping Manifest System integrates seamlessly into the Savant Warehouse Management System or can function as a stand-alone solution. The manifest system calculates freight costs, updates the order, generates the carrier label, and prints the appropriate shipping manifest. Savant supports UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, California Overnight and local carriers as well as LTLs and FTL’s.

Simulation Modeling

The Savant Simulation Modeling component allows the user to ascertain in the event that day has been much more effective. It allows the day’s genuine data to be utilized to build up “what if” situations to find out extra information about the factors that cause delays in processing; like processing all one-line orders first or assigning them to one person in a zone. Information received using this module will allow different ways of be integrated that will enhance productivity, reliability, and quality; or validate the present techniques are working as expected.

Truck Builder

The Savant Truck Builder module provides a review of all instructions, path tasks and readily available trailer styles, and offers a recommended trailer project for every order and route. The application offers you the knowledge you need to effectively process the entire trailer life-cycle; from identifying the trailer style, course assignments, and dock projects, to your picking sequencing and finally on trailer loading procedure. Truck Builder includes a few functions that will help with Warehouse optimization, such customizable dimensions, to support any truck size and limitation; and purchase Prioritization, making it easier to cut back unloading times during a trucking path with multiples stops. The clear answer assists boost the loading and unloading performance, eradicate loading dock clutter, and minimize wasted time and money.

Wave Management

With functions such as for example Workflow Management and Simulation Modeling, the Savant WMS Wave control module will allow you to improve productivity and minimize labor prices by enabling your supervisors and supervisors to suit the workforce to the work, real time, each day. Easy to read display screens help the choice producers see whenever all things are streaming effortlessly or if delays are being brought on by improper manpower allocations to different areas.

Warehouse Vision

The Savant Warehouse Vision module (Slotting) integrates effortlessly into the Savant Warehouse Management System. The upkeep of a warehouse and its own stocking strategy the most hard tasks confronting a facility today. Along with maintaining stock positioning suitable for the incoming and outbound procedures, additionally it is vital that you constantly focus on maximized cube application inside the facility. Without proper warehouse management, a cycle of inefficiency is inevitable. Things become misplaced, wasting important warehouse cube space, and leading to a lot fewer or incorrect products in prime picking areas. This period, if kept unchanged, will start to have a direct impact on a facility’s inbound and outbound businesses. The slotting component provides a systematic method of the implementation and maintenance of a slotting method.