Handling Logistics

Logistical support Meaning

Logistical support Meaning
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The backbone to virtually any purchase or program management initiative could be the logistics that brings everything together. TAPE specializes in helping its military and national customers inside analysis and planning the different possessions required to deliver an entire logistics option. We have been systems engineers and reliable providers focused on keeping the world safe and strong.

TAPE brings a full lifecycle way of its logistical assistance businesses, and therefore our clients have absolute self-confidence not only in attempts such as for example purchase cost preparation and analysis, and training, provisioning, and ongoing upkeep and help.

More specifically, TAPE’s approach to built-in Logistics help (ILS) solutions includes the analysis, development, review, maintenance, and monitoring of systems and equipment logistics support preparation, instruction curriculum, documentation development and delivery, along with other preparation and working tasks.

TAPE is distinguishable from other ILS providers through our substantial participation into the Army RESET program; our application of advanced level technologies to reduce workforce and operational lifecycle costs (while improving preparedness); and our use of state-of-the-art commercial computer programs and databases to improve logistics solutions included in our special Revolutionary Bridge method of advanced technologies.

Within our logistics knowledge, TAPE aids army RESET tasks, which include maintenance, refurbishment, recapitalization, and supply tasks to bring back army functional units to a desired standard of preparedness for future missions.

TAPE recognizes that the recognition of a program’s lifecycle requires involves consideration of many factors. Our ILS includes:

  • Requirements for lifecycle operations and maintenance support
  • Free parts listings and stocking degree recommendations
  • Failure data for supported possessions
  • Stocking adjustment suggestions