Handling Logistics

Logistician Meaning

Logistician Meaning
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  • 1treated as singular or plural The detail by detail company and implementation of a complex operation.

    ‘the logistics of a large-scale rock tv show need specific needs’

  • ‘This goal may therefore be achieved in a more frugal way with regards to prices and logistics than once was explained.’
  • ‘They may take place using the communications together with logistics.’
  • ‘I’d great teams and great crews therefore we had people who managed the logistics.’
  • ‘Many council officials additionally dismiss the thought of going individuals indoors because entirely not practical, because of the figures and logistics involved.’
  • ‘Government should make sure police have all the logistics positioned which will observe that judge situations take routine by guaranteeing there is always transport and gasoline.’
  • ‘Our indictment is ultimately maybe not about logistics or tactics.’
  • ‘This is not a frequent occurrence and she didn’t put adequate energy into preparing the logistics.’
  • ‘Fusser said exhibitions in Hong-Kong tend to be skillfully organised and efficient, with advanced logistics.’
  • ‘As a workout in logistics it is on a scale maybe not noticed in European countries because the 2nd World War so when a financial experiment it really is unprecedented when you look at the reputation for the world.’
  • ‘There were also problems in logistics and communications.’
  • ‘It only took all of them a bit to get the pieces together, because of the decreased economic climate of scale, not enough administration talents and poor logistics.’
  • ‘Before the teams appeared from Singapore, friends after that undertook a vacation to identify the project location, services and logistics.’
  • ‘He got somebody called Mark Stevenson involved and requested him to work through the logistics.’
  • ‘Maybe I should explain the logistics just a little clearer.’
  • ‘They’d need to pay for this themselves, without business contributions, and additionally they’d need to handle most of the logistics.’
  • ‘The expenses and logistics associated with caring for children under two has meant far a lot fewer places for this generation and a longer await youthful families.’
  • ‘The logistics for these types of a large-scale event are tremendous, and Thai organizers have now been get yourself ready for years.’
  • ‘I suspect next year’s winner is preparing the logistics for bringing along a Holstein cow.’
  • ‘A pilot research offers the specialist with experiential logistics from actual procedural execution.’