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WMS database

WMS database
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In 2000, Team warehouse logistics took on the task of simplifying the time consuming process of choosing an appropriate supplier of a listing Management program (IMS) or a Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The largest challenge lay within the few WMS sellers mixed up in marketplace and fact that there clearly was no dependable source for information on the functionality of every system.

A handful of important concerns additionally needed to be answered, particularly

  • How does the operator of a warehouse find the appropriate merchant?
  • So how exactly does a supplier find their particular next prospective customers?
  • Does the functionality offered by the sellers meet with the demands for the people?


To ensure the information inside database is reliable, the data from a merchant is not available in the database until it was effectively validated by Team warehouse logistics. After it’s been validated, the data is present to be used when it comes to system reviews carried out because of the users.

The next phase is to utilize WMS on line Selection to capture and weight the functional needs regarding the client and discover the K.O. criteria when it comes to choice process. By the “press of a button” the client needs are automatically weighed against the functionality provided by the WMS seller. The users can easily see immediately exactly how many of the functional requirements are satisfied because of the specific systems as well as can contact the suppliers who provide the WMS being ideal to meet up the requirements of their particular business.

The WMS Database is considered the most extensive database worldwide for contrasting the functionality of Warehouse Management Systems.

Advantages for people

WMS users get an instant overview of the methods that meet the K.O. requirements and, simultaneously, satisfy their functionality needs to a large level. This gives the consumer with a transparent and trustworthy way for the significant action of choosing the right system and making contact with the vendor of the system.

Advantages for sellers

Its becoming a lot more essential for sellers of Warehouse Management Systems to get new potential customers while making them conscious of their products or services.

Participation within the WMS Database guarantees that all validated systems are automatically considered each and every time the WMS Online Selection is used. This brings prospective customers on supplier: customers who need the functionality made available from the seller.

The vendor may utilize the system contrast for benchmarking their particular WMS when compared with your competitors in the market.

Aside from the data used by the WMS Online Selection service, there are many other opportunities for a WMS supplier presenting their organization and their WMS on the portal. To learn more, see playing the WMS Database.

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