Inventory Management

Inventory Management requirements

Inventory Management requirements
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Position Classification Description

Position Class Code/Title: O0001 / Stock Control Clerk

Recruitment Tier: Tier 1

Level: 06

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These statements tend to be intended to describe, in broad terms, the typical features and obligation levels characteristic of roles assigned to the category. They should not be seen as an exhaustive listing of the specific responsibilities and prerequisites applicable to specific jobs which have been therefore categorized.


Maintains files of materials in inventory and on order. Monitors reorder things and initiates action to replenish stock. Reconciles discrepancies in stocks and notifies supervisor of problems.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Monitors and maintains present inventory levels; procedures purchasing instructions as needed; tracks purchases and investigates dilemmas.
  2. Registers expenditures, keeps database, executes physical count of inventory, and reconciles actual stock count to computer-generated reports.
  3. Receives, unpacks, and delivers items; re-stocks products as needed; labels racks.
  4. Processes and/or approves invoices for payment.
  5. Procedures and papers comes back as required after established processes.
  6. Performs routine clerical tasks, including information entry, responding to phones, and helping customers.
  7. May act as cashier and manage money and cash-related payments.
  8. May lead, guide, and train staff/student employees, interns, and/or volunteers performing relevant work; may participate in the recruitment of volunteers, as proper toward area of procedure.
  9. Works miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Minimal Job Demands

  • Completed degree(s) from a certified organization being over the minimal education necessity are substituted for experience on per year for year foundation. Senior school diploma or GED; at the least 12 months of experience that is right associated with the obligations and responsibilities specified.

Knowledge, Techniques and Abilities Required

  • Knowledge of products, equipment, and/or services purchasing and stock control.
  • Ability to reconcile stock counts to report data.
  • Database administration skills.
  • Capability to analyze and resolve issues.
  • Power to prepare routine administrative paperwork.
  • Power to get, stock, and/or deliver products.
  • Clerical, word handling, and/or workplace skills.
  • Understanding of institution invoicing procedures.

Identifying Traits

  • Position requires: a) tracking and maintaining current inventory levels, including reconciling stock matters to computer reports; b) Initiates activity to replenish stock by processing acquisition sales alongside relevant paperwork; c) obtaining, unpacking, and delivering items to shelves or requesting divisions; d) Inspects deliveries for precision and completeness, and resolves inconsistencies; and e) Performs routine clerical obligations in support of product.

Circumstances of work

  • Ownership of a legitimate New Mexico license is a requirement with this job.
  • This position is represented by a work union and is susceptible to the conditions and terms of this CWA Collective Bargaining contract.

Performing Conditions and Physical Effort

  • Significant exercise. May necessitate management of objects that can consider to 50 lbs.
  • Work is ordinarily carried out in a typical interior/office work place.