Inventory Management

Oracle inventory Management

Oracle inventory Management
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  1. An individual commitment administration system, such Siebel CRM, captures purchase information and submits a sales purchase to an order management system, such as for instance Oracle Communications Order and Service Management (OSM).
  2. Your order administration system produces an orchestration plan to determine how your order is usually to be provisioned.

    The orchestration plan determines which downstream methods, including provisioning, inventory, and activation systems, are affected by your order. The order management system sends the correct information to these systems. Downstream systems receive only the product sales order data that impacts them. Including, your order administration system directs just the line items that require provisioning to a provisioning system.

  3. A provisioning system changes this product activities into service activities and directs solution fulfillment data to UIM through the use of internet solutions.
  4. Utilizing the feedback through the provisioning system, UIM produces something and designs the solution setup utilizing the resource tasks also information essential to trigger the service. UIM comes back the solution configuration information into provisioning system.
  5. The provisioning system utilizes the information and knowledge returned from UIM to calculate and perform a distribution program, after that interacts with an activation system to send an activation purchase.
  6. As services tend to be provisioned, the provisioning system directs status revisions upstream towards the CRM system. The provisioning system also updates UIM via online services so that the life-cycle statuses of the proper business interactions, services, solution configurations, and sources are updated.

UIM System Architecture

UIM is a standard application. You can aquire and install just the segments that you need to have. If you’re providing a VoIP option, you can easily put in an alternate collection of modules than someone providing a VPN solution.

UIM comprises three primary groups of elements:

  • . The core system provides fundamental capabilities such as for instance APIs and information storage space. Additionally provides functionality utilized through the entire application, such life-cycle management and ability administration. The core system is needed and it is provided with the acquisition of any useful component.

Oracle Communications Design Studio just isn’t part of UIM, however it plays an important role in designing content for the application. A Design Studio for UIM plug-in provides application-specific capabilities. See “Design Studio Analysis” to learn more about Design Studio.

illustrates these elements and their contents. The components are talked about in more detail in the sections that take.