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About company formation, registration and activity in the Netherlands

About company formation
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Opening and running your own business is not easy, especially in another country with a different language, mentality, and legislation. But the difficulties do not stop entrepreneurs, because business in a European country is an opportunity to realize their wildest ambitions.

The Netherlands attracts businessmen and investors for several reasons. It is a stable economy; it is the center of the largest trade organizations. The country has high ranks in terms of exports.It has attractive income tax rates.All this makes the Netherlands an attractive country for registering a business.

The registration of a new company Dutch LLC is a quite simple process. Of course, there is a certain order of procedures. The preparation of constituent documents includes determining the object of the company, the amount of capital, type of shares, names and powers of directors, etc. You can turn to specialists for help, and they will take on all the hassle of organizing your business in the Netherlands. So, ABiLiTieS Trust has extensive experience and can help you organize an address for a new company, prepare an act of registration, including its translation, open a bank account. It’s convenient that you don’t even have to come to the country to complete the company registration procedure, you can monitor it online.The registration of a company in the tax authorities of the Netherlands is based on activities registered in the trade register. This usually happens during the day. You will definitely need the services of an experienced notary. ArkelStad offers corporate lawyers assistance at all stages of the organization of your Dutch company.Specialists of ArkelStad will also help in solving a variety of legal issues in the process of the company’s activity.

Contact professionals to organize and successfully conduct business in the Netherlands.