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RedPrairie Warehouse Management System

RedPrairie Warehouse Management System
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Offered RedPrairie’s rich record in building offer chain execution computer software, and their dedication to advancing their particular marketplace leading warehouse and transport computer software, their offer string administration services and products deserve at the least preliminary consideration by company and it also buyers. As well as a good offer string function set, the robust SOA foundation increases freedom, improves customer implementation options and generally lowers execution and procedure costs. RedPrairie is just one the few sellers pushing the supply string execution envelope. With a thorough set of set up most readily useful rehearse functions well developed in their computer software, the company can increase its innovation toward another round of offer string pc software trends.

Analyst firm Gartner rates the RedPrairie Warehouse Management system among the top two Warehouse control pc software items in the market, with New york Associates WMoS being the other. The RedPrairie Transportation Management application is perhaps not far behind in Gartner assessments, matching a number of the functions and capabilities for the top level transportation systems; but RedPrairie still requires more depth in the features and a more substantial international client base to make it to the very best of class level. Additional components, such WFM and Performance control, are also available.

If supply string execution is RedPrairie’s energy, its weakness is supply string planning. Becoming largely U.S. marketplace concentrated until recently, the application organization is playing catch-up for market share within the global TMS industry. Because of a small business strategy to grow through acquisitions, the business has got the difficulties of overlapping services and products and dealing with several technology stacks.

RedPrairie Warehouse Management Computer Software Strengths

RedPrairie is one of two clearly set up computer software frontrunners inside Warehouse control System marketplace. The company consistently raise the club for WMS computer software regarding technology, product breadth and customer advantages.

  • Integrating the RedPrairie Warehouse Management pc software to warehouse automation technologies is largely through with configuration options and the RedPrairie’s Integrator (EAWe setup). Without code changes, WM can interface with material control equipment (MHE), sort directors, place to light gear, automated storage…