Warehouse Management

Warehouse Traffic Management

Warehouse Traffic Management
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CRC is greatly dedicated to the utilization of the most up-to-date logistics technologies and solutions that drive today’s logistics business units. From dispatch through delivery, CRC has the Supply Chain covered with electric track, trace, review, and administration capacity. Whether you’re finding information about an individual load or single warehouse deposit. Perchance you wish protect your many complex large amount or situation amount detail distribution operation. CRC offers highly technical solutions that enable us to handle your offer chain requires efficiently, and control connected expenses.

Visitors Control

The normal introduction of product into our logistics community begins with a tender for get. Originating at a domestic manufacturing unit, local warehouse, port, or railway hub, it’s this “call to solution” that brings living, breathing technology your. Throughout your product’s travel through our transportation network you will have the respectable advantages of a Modular Designed TMS (Traffic control System).

CRC operates advanced level TMS systems incorporated with other CRC Developed Enterprise Tools to create our customers the tailored solutions that they want. Through a host of customer care and functions focused modules, we offer:

  • Mobile, Fax, Email, or EDI Tender and Acceptance
  • Routing Optimization and Consolidation
  • Automated Carrier Tender/Response
  • Satellite Correspondence and Tracking
  • Transport Milestone Reporting
  • Full Transport EDI Integration (204, 210, 214, 990, 997, and much more)
  • Accounting/Billing User Interface

Our number systems integrate really with Rand McNally™, Computer Miler™, and several various other mileage databases for excellent contract price conformity and accurate payment. Regardless of your desired option, CRC capitalizes on contemporary Traffic Management technology to produce the performance you need.

Warehouse Management Systems

Through various kinds of automatic Data range (ADC) technology, CRC warehouse colleagues feed our host Warehouse/Inventory Management System the information needed seriously to organize and continue maintaining anything from receipts through deliveries. This consists of reasoning Based pattern Counting to strike the most wonderful stability of Real Time Inventory/Location accuracy because of the demands of order administration.

Dependent on specific client needs, CRC’s systems are often integrated with:

  • Club Code Scanning (various platforms including EAN-14/GS1-128)
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Whether or not the client’s operation needs Track and Trace ability at Item Code, good deal Code, Serial Container, or other unique recognition number, CRC’s systems can handle the job.

Content movement needs of FIFO, LIFO, or something in the middle tend to be handled through special Directed choose formulas. These formulas strike a balance between unproductive motions and target circulation requirements, making best usage of labor in almost every scenario.

Deposit, stock, and withdrawal data is effortlessly exchanged with our customers through the after choices:

  • EDI (856, 940, 943, 944, 945, and much more)
  • Flat File Transfer
  • Email, Phone, or Fax

Most of the mentioned before benefits intermix to own most current and technologically higher level methods. We secure our systems deliver accurate, consistent, and dependable service to the clients and their’s through every exchange performed.