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Vertical-lift Shuttles Storage and Vertical-lift Modules (VLM)Machines

Vertical-lift Shuttles Storage Systems and Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) are push-button storage space systems consisting of vertically arranged trays, a delivery lift platform process, and computerized push button settings (View Vertical Lift Shuttles Storage techniques Image Gallery). Stored items tend to be immediately brought to the operator at an ergonomic workstation. The Vertical Lift shuttles storage methods bring components toward operator on heavy-duty storage space trays, storing up to 2, 200 pound. per storage tray, with standard tray widths as much as 10' wide, tray depths around 4' deep, and standard machine heights to 60'. (Watch Vertical Lift Modules Videos)

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) and Shuttles tend to be a Flexible and Smart Storage program

The vertical-lift Modules (VLM) and Shuttles make use of FlexiSpace wise technology to provide maximum mobility and optimum storage space thickness. The VLMs and Shuttle storage space systems have the ability to automatically find the right areas the level of this inventory you are saving. The Near and Far Smart technology provides fast distribution of common inventory things because it tracks inventory usage and locates the fastest moving things closest to your accessibility orifice and slow going parts more out of the accessibility opening. The VLM and Shuttles’ controllers function large, easy-to-use secrets and backlit LCD displays for quick, simple, and simple procedure and stock control administration.

Vertical-lift Shuttles Storing Systems and Modules Protect Floor Space

The vertical-lift Shuttles space techniques turn overhead environment area into productive storage space. Their little footprints make them a fantastic choice for point-of-use storage to release space on the floor for value-added manufacturing and assembly operations. The Vertical Lift Shuttles space techniques can be used in conjunction with a number of other product dealing with storage systems, including conveyors, robotic work stations, and AGVs for a completely automated logistics procedure.

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