Warehouse management system

Features of Warehouse Management System

Our warehouse administration system - ControlPort, is technology at its best. Great technology gets better things, making them faster, less expensive, better plus accurate.

Pro-active Forecasting

ControlPort’s features have our client’s future benefit at heart. We manage warehouse inventory with automated notifications anticipating depleted stock or most useful Before End dilemmas because we appreciate your lasting business and our bodies functions prove this.

Storage area optimisation

We increase storage density and lower errors. This results in an important reduction in choose and place away times, whilst increasing storage space ability.

Speed of packing

ControlPort has many functions designed especially to optimise the speed of order choosing and packing. These features tend to be advanced sufficient which they develop processing across multiple order sets and we also are constantly innovating making it better yet. Our WMS decreases mistakes because of its individual led design features.

Customer support

We show definitely every thing the customer or customer might choose to know in real time. There are many customer support functions; we can inform the order’s standing at any moment from pick to distribution. The ability to look back along with ahead in an order’s standing record helps quickly explore in unusual example there could be an issue.

Speed of delivery and reliability of distribution

With so many various areas and charges, deciding on the best courier may be challenging so our warehouse administration system immediately chooses the very best courier from your own portfolio centered on clear to see requirements. Immediate sales tend to be precisely prioritised because delivering towards customer's expectations is very important.

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