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Magento Warehouse Management

Adjust product Quantity with Magento Store Manager+ Since data differences in practice and in the record are unavoidable sometimes, you surely need to frequently check & update stock to keep the statistics reliable. As a store manager, you can adjust products' Total Qty. in mass or one by one for best accuracy.

+ You can assign stock management permissions to different admin users or warehouses' managers

2- Gain an in-depth view into Key Suppliers and Purchasing activities

+ Magento stock management module can show your largest supplier or the one you have to return most products.

+ Creating and managing purchase orders will be just like a breeze in our Inventory system. Within few clicks, you can email your requirements or any updates in purchase orders to suppliers such as products, warehouse, Qty. requested, Qty. received, delivery status and so on. Partial shipment and return purchase order are also supported.

3- Maintain safety inventory levels with Low Stock Notifications & Supply Need Forecast

Magento Stock Control extension | Assign Permissions+ Inventory Management extension for Magento will alert you instantly if your inventory levels have fallen below the minimum stock threshold set. Moreover, it helps you save time by filtering all low stock products and displaying their information on your dashboard for easy handling.

+ A special and intelligent feature of Inventory Management extension is to calculate and predict the supply needs of each product in each warehouse. Let's imagine that you can know how many items should be stored to fulfill the demand for the next 4 months. How awesome is that, especially for the nearby sale season!
The system predicts the out-of-stock date of each product and calculates the re-ordering Qty. for the upcoming periods. You can easily transform these forecasts into a purchase order!

4- Make smarter business decisions with 17+ types of Comprehensive Custom Stock Reports

Magento Stock Control extension | Supplier managerYou will always know which products, warehouses, customers and suppliers are performing best. It’s like having your own research team without the lab coat.

6- Web POS integrated

+ Line Up Your Staff Between Sales Locations And Warehouses

Your sales staff can conveniently see the list of warehouse(s) that they can pick products and create shipments from on POS checkout.

+ Get Alerted Before Placing Backorders

Don’t let your staff sell what’s no longer in stock! With Web POS integrated, it instantly notifies your sales staff if the number of items added to cart is higher than Available Qty. in the selected warehouse to ship.

+Plus, You Get All Built-in POS Features that Retailers Need the Most

How other users have shared their experience with us

"In nowhere else can you find a more powerful extension for COMPLETE control of Inventory like this!"

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