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Warehouse Management concepts

Kleen Concepts’ Warehousing and Inventory control possibilities enable closely monitored customer services and products, enhanced inbound and outbound deliveries, Streamlined manufacturing times, and significantly reduced storage space and inventory requirements.

Warehousing – supplying an overall total of 500, 000 sqft at various areas, various choices exist for expansion as our consumers’ requirements boost. Facilities include pallet racking, flow bins and selecting racks for effectiveness in every satisfaction services.

 – Kleen Concepts can serve as the central getting web site for several materials whenever assembling products. Quantities and obtaining information are registered in to the stock system for instant viewing through our intranet.

Inventory Control & Management – 
Inventory control treatments and reports are custom-made to meet up with buyer requirements and requirements. An established inventory procedure, including period matters, is implemented to make sure accurate reporting.

Item repair
 – recycleables and finished products are given a component number and item description upon receipt. Kleen Concepts is promoting customized management tools to assist in report analysis, printing of pack slips, and arranging inventories. These tools allow for full item administration.

Shipping and Logistics – Kleen Concepts makes use of leading-edge technology along with proven processes and experienced logistics specialists to support consumers’ transportation demands. Kleen Concepts differentiates itself by developing and integrating customized technology solutions that meet each client’s certain requirements. From quick routing and scheduling to electronic signature capture, real-time presence and chain of custody settings, Kleen Concepts provides an optimized supply sequence to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.

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