SAP Business One Version 9

Warehouse Management Structure


Organizational division, often of a plant that is used for the true purpose of managing products or products which can be kept in storage containers.

Storage Type

a real or reasonable closet which can be defined for a warehouse in the WM system.

Selecting Location

a rational or real subdivision associated with the storage space kind.

Space Bin

The smallest addressable product of space in a warehouse (also known as a “storage slot“). Considering that the target of a storage space bin is frequently produced from a coordinate system, a storage container is frequently named a coordinate.


The presence of a material or a batch (exact same good deal quantity) of a product in a storage container. The material quantity in a quant can be increased by an addition to current stock.

Key of Quant

If these qualities change, a brand new Quant is created

  • Material Number
  • Batch Number
  • Inventory Category
  • Specialized Inventory
  • Plant
  • Storage Location

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