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Priya Warehouse Management System

Priya Warehouse Management System
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It is usually “growing period” at Four Seasons make. The Ephrata, Pa.-based supplier will provide above 11 million instances of produce this year, including organics, in volume and custom packaging for domestic and export areas. Warehouse management pc software and voice-recognition technology features aided the organization relocate to a unique degree of customer service.

Four Seasons acts independent grocers, chains therefore the food solution industry. It understands its business depends upon supplying the freshest vegetables and fruit to its clients. It’s a case of reputation, which is why it installed Priya Smart Warehouse Software from Motek Inc. (Beverly Hills, Calif.) and Vocollect Inc.’s (Pittsburgh, Pa.) voice-recognition equipment.

“Most people say you ought to drive up amounts in order to be in a position to manage to automate; although opposite does work. Once you integrate technology along with your company, you’ll actually drive up amount, ” state Nelson Longenecker, vice president of company innovation at Four months.

Through the years, the company added extra warehouses to support growth. Ultimately, it had five services, four for storage and repacking, and another for delivery. “device for daily purchases must be drawn from several buildings, transferred to a central delivery warehouse, slotted, chosen and filled onto vehicles, ” Longenecker says. “We ran into traffic delays also issues, and were constantly under great time stress.”

To help make things worse, Four periods ran its distributed warehouse operation making use of manual processes. This designed staff tracked inventory manually by keying in the volume gotten, moved, and delivered, and applying labels to every box for shipping. “with many handbook deals happening, we suffered from significant errors and had been always one-step behind the product, ” Longenecker claims. “it had beenn’t uncommon to reduce monitoring of entire pallets, which impacted service levels and ate into profits.”

While these inefficiencies are an issue in almost any business, they may be especially troubling in produce where entire stocks turn every four to five days, and products are gotten and shipped within 24 hours of bill. The task maintain produce fresh adds another level of complexity to this mission-critical procedure.

Realizing technology ended up being truly the only yes path to continued development, Four Seasons management made a decision to combine into one automated circulation center (DC). The brand new DC, one of the largest produce warehouses within the Northeast, exposed in 2004. The 262, 000-sq.-ft. DC has 180, 000 sq.-ft. of cold-storage and 34 dock doorways.

Also, the facility receives and distributes railcar lots of fresh produce through the western Coast.

The DC was built to optimize area and provide an ideal weather for many different produce. This has a high-cube storage design that allows four-level large pallet racking. Four Seasons utilizes 12 Raymond high-lifts to put away newly received item, replenish pick faces and choose full pallet instructions. The DC can hold a lot more than 7, 000 pallets in a variety of space conditions.

Make has to be saved by humidity, heat and ethylene susceptibility. Ethylene affects the price from which fruit and veggies ripen. Four Seasons’ distribution center features a complex setup to allow for many of these aspects. The keeping the rooms determines how pallets are built. Within the produce business, pallets are designed of many different-size instances and bags. Four Seasons requested its selectors to aid develop the sequence of spaces in the facility. The road they created follows the course selectors would decide to try develop a pallet while they progress through building. The project choose course range is to 3, 000 ft.

To improve the accuracy and timeliness of deliveries to customers, Four Seasons applied Priya WMS incorporated with Vocollect Talk-man voice recognition equipment. With regards to hands free, pickers utilizing radio-frequency headsets may do work quicker and more accurately. Four Seasons enhanced its average situation selecting of 150 situations per man/hour to 220 situations per man/ time. Errors per 10, 000 situations diminished from 40 to 12.

Because Priya is configurable, the application fits just how Four Seasons replenishes and cross-docks. Putaway guidelines feature temperature, humidity and ethylene-sensitivity parameters. “the top challenge with any WMS with many configurability is it requires a bit to understand, ” Longenecker says. “it’s not just connect and play.” Four Seasons has developed a good interior group to control and operate the application.

Priya can be made as easy or as complex as people want it to-be. The software could be configured to see the expiration day in the lot signal to make sure item is correctly rotated and circulated. The great deal coding also tracks where product is stored in the warehouse and where it was distributed to in case there is an item recall.

Prior to implementing Priya, Four months ended up being making use of labor-management pc software that let it produce a motivation system because of its workers. The incentive system will be based upon a buck amount employees can earn over their particular base salary for performing over the designed standard that was established through time and movement scientific studies. Four Seasons is continuing the program with Priya’s Engineered work standard module. This program makes it possible for Four Seasons’ associates to earn as much as 50percent a lot more than their base price by working fast and accurately.

Four Seasons’ strategic use of Priya WMS and Vocollect sound technology features paid off mispicks and increased ship fill levels and inventory reliability. “Our solution amounts and sales have both cultivated considerably since applying the warehouse administration system, ” Longenecker states.

Making use of hands-free Vocollect voice technology, Motek’s WMS features enabled Four periods to increase its selector productivity by 38percent.