Pick And Pack

Picking, Packing

Picking, Packing
Image by Jens P. Raak from Pixabay

After eight days of tender enjoying attention, 1st groups of tomatoes will be ready to be picked. At this stage the plant is mostly about 16 foot high. The highest fresh fruit hangs from the flowers at about waist-high, while the many developed tomatoes are at the top the cluster. It doesn’t matter what style of tomato you are growing, if you evaluate a cluster of these, the very first tomato (king good fresh fruit) may be the first someone to ripen. The tomato farthest along the vine ripens last.

Very first thing each day, we set out carts at the end of the rows which are scheduled is picked. The carts take a seat on the heating rails regarding the greenhouse and tend to be easily rolled up and down the line. You will find 50 cartons for each cart which are stacked in articles of 10. Once filled, each carton may be weighed and high quality checked within the pack residence assuring we’re shipping the proper quantity of top-quality tomatoes to our stores.

The pickers arrive at 6:00 a.m. in order to find the carts waiting around for all of them at the conclusion of the rows that need to be selected. They’re going to their workstation, in which they get their backpack, cutting gloves and snips. The backpack is filled up with a disinfectant that works through a tube into the end of the snips. Every time the picker videos off a cluster of tomatoes, the disinfectant is immediately sprayed on plant to end just about any infection and minmise any cross contamination.

The pickers begin at the conclusion of a-row and pick on a single part for 130 yards. Once they reach the termination of that side, each goes to another region of the line and repeat the process until it works their particular in the past to in which they started. When one row is total, they move on to another.

The pickers hold the tomato group with one hand and use their snips to remove the group as close on plant that you can.

With this solitary tomatoes (Beefsteaks and Somerset Pinks) we continuously pick the ripest tomatoes off the plant. This process moves a lot faster compared to process of cutting groups. It’s worth saying that selecting tomatoes is a lot of dedication and requires an experienced eye, fast fingers and plenty of real energy. Some days we are able to get all of the selecting done in eight hours. Some days our pickers must work overtime, therefore we hire additional individuals have the tomatoes from the vine before they have TOO ripe.

We are able to get a handle on several things within the greenhouse; we do our far better predict whenever tomatoes are ready and exactly how many we’re gonna get, but as our head grower loves to say: “The plants will be the boss.”


When the fruit is chosen and put into the container, packers search for high quality and proper fat. The good fresh fruit is then stickered, piled and place on a pallet, ready to leave to grocers near you…typically, exactly the same time.


Our tomatoes travel at a cushty 55° F, so they achieve the store filled with freshness and flavor. Because we’re an area grower, our tomatoes never travel extremely definately not our greenhouse, this means incredibly fresh, better-looking, better-tasting tomatoes throughout the year.