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Management Data Warehouse

Management Data Warehouse
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This topic defines how to configure the management information warehouse to support data storage on a single example or numerous cases of SQL host which are utilizing the data collector. These cases may be on a single server or on different machines. This topic in addition provides descriptions associated with the graphical user interface for dialog field. For information regarding configuring a data collector, see Configure Properties of a Data Collector.

If SQL Server Agent is configured to operate utilizing one of several System solution accounts (Local System, Network provider, or neighborhood provider), in addition to management data warehouse is made on another type of instance from the data collector, you need to configure collection sets to use a proxy for publishing information toward management information warehouse.

Configure the management information warehouse about the same example or numerous cases of SQL Server

  1. Make certain that SQL host Agent is working.
  2. In Object Explorer, expand the Management node.
  3. Right-click Data Collection, expand activities, after which click Configure Management Data Warehouse.
  4. Make use of the to produce a management data warehouse, configure logins, enable data collection, and commence the machine information range Sets.

    To configure multiple cases, carry on with action 5.

    It’s considered best training to use proxies in deployments where in actuality the information enthusiast is installed on multiple instances of SQL host which can be utilizing the exact same management data warehouse.

  5. Start SQL host Management Studio on another instance and do either of this following:
    • Utilize the Configure Management information Warehouse wizard to configure information collection for existing administration information warehouse.
    • Right-click Data Collection, and click Properties. On the General tab, specify the existing management data warehouse and the server that it is installed on.
  6. Repeat action 5 until most of the database instances which use the info collector are configured to upload data towards provided administration information warehouse.

Configure Management Data Warehouse Wizard

Welcome Webpage

The Welcome web page is the beginning page of the Configure Data Collection Wizard. Displaying this page is recommended.

Never show this starting page again.
Select to control this page the very next time you start the Configure information range Wizard.

Configure Control Data Warehouse Space Page

Use this page to pick a SQL host database host and administration data warehouse. The administration information warehouse is a relational database that may shop collected information.

You really need to have the right standard of permissions so that you can produce the management information warehouse regarding host. To learn more, see CREATE DATABASE (SQL Server Transact-SQL). Additionally you should have the right standard of permissions to create logins for management data warehouse functions.

Server name
Specifies title of the host which will host the management data warehouse.

Whenever configuring an administration data warehouse, host name’s always title regarding the regional server and cannot be altered.

Database name
Specifies the relational database that’ll shop collected information. Make use of the record to select an existing database or click New to develop a database utilizing the New Database dialog.

The brand new choice is available only if configuring a data collection set

Map Logins and Users Page

Utilize this page to map logins to database user roles when it comes to administration information warehouse.

People mapped for this login
Shows the existing logins from the server that host the management information warehouse. Each row contains an editable Map check box, a Login name, and a Type of login.

Specify a login by selecting the Map checkbox for the login.

Database role account for:
Select the management data warehouse role your login is mapped to by pressing the checkbox by a number of regarding the after options:

  • mdw_admin
  • mdw_reader
  • mdw_writer

Brand New Login
Open up the Login – New dialog box and produce a unique login when it comes to management information warehouse.

Complete the Wizard Webpage

Use this page to verify and complete data collection configuration. The tree exhibited in the watching window shows exactly what configurations will applied including what actions will require destination whenever you click Finish.

Configure Data Range Wizard Progress Page

Make use of this page to see the outcomes of each setup action.

Displays each setup step as a row inside Details grid. Each row contains an activity column that defines the step, and a Status column that suggests the success or failure associated with the step. If you have an error, a message appears in Message column.

Stop wizard handling.

See a report of data collection configuration. The next report choices are supplied:

  • View Report
  • Save Are Accountable To File
  • Copy Report to Clipboard
  • Forward Report as E-mail