Warehouse Management

SAP Warehouse Management tcodes

SAP Warehouse Management tcodes
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Procurement procedure begins with gathering demands and ends with procuring products from vendors. As soon as items tend to be procured from vendor they should be placed in organization’s premises in correct location to enable them to be used when required. This introduces the expression called stock management. Inventory management relates to placing and managing stock obtained from sellers in proper spot within business’s premises. One of the keys points about stock management are below:

  • Stock management deals with handling of stock either on value or amount foundation.
  • Planning, entry and maintaining documents of products movement comes under stock administration.
  • Goods movement will create a document that will update all stock quantity and value in inventory that is known as material document.
  • Material document is introduced by a document number and document year.

Stock management deal with these terms which are as follows:

  • Movement Type
  • Merchandise Receipt
  • Reservation
  • Products Problem

Movement Type

Movement kind defines the kind of stock publishing in inventory. It represents the posting in stock is because of which kind of purchase like whether stock is posted against goods receipt or products issue. The important activity types in sap mm are the following:

  • 101 – products receipt for purchase order or order
  • 103 – items receipt for purchase order into GR blocked stock
  • 201 – products concern for an expense centre
  • 261 – Goods concern for a purchase
  • 301 – Transfer publishing plant to grow in a single action
  • 305 – Transfer publishing plant to plant in 2 steps – positioning in storage space
  • 311 – Transfer posting storage space place to storage place in a single step
  • 313 – Stock transfer storage places to storage place in two actions – elimination from storage space.

Movement types may be reached out-by following below measures:

Road to attain Motion Kind:
Logistics => products control => Inventory control => products Movement => merchandise motion (MIGO)

On SAP Menu screen select Goods Movement (MIGO) perform icon by following the aforementioned road.

Select GR Merchandise Receipt drop-down. You will get many standard activity types and you can select one relating to your necessity.

Products Bill

Merchandise bill could be the phase in which the material is obtained by the ordering celebration and also the condition and quality are confirmed. Dependant on the movement type stock is published in inventory with the aid of items bill. Merchandise bill will show boost in warehouse stock. Products receipt has actually two circumstances that are the following.

  • Development of Merchandise Receipt
  • Termination of Goods Receipt